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BookSprint:  Technical people, particularly Python programmers,

tend to do a community programming/ hacking thing,

but this is writing a book/ documentation.  Get together over a week

or so and don't leave til it's done, or thereabouts.


Applicability to the mess up here on NoVAPeers.PBWorks.com,

StreetSense best of homeless articles, and life in general,

as all the worlds' a stage, and it's probably better







find some good links to point people to...


oh, http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/ClassActs

or thereabouts,

plus add some references to the process?

or http://wiki.laptop.org/go/ClassActs

probably has it anyway...





Summary of experience or similar




A place for feedback on the page presented


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20091010 Jerry

  • Jerry created this page to share writing and publishing experience you all might not have heard of...
  • and since it's the lawyer/author president, and we can't all be Texan's or actors, much less change the colors of our skins, red or otherwise... ;-}


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