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Will have to click on the title link above or wait for the meaning...


20090615 11.40 am Jerry




Well, what have we here?  A carrot?


Charlie Rose on Friday and rerunning Monday on Washington, DC PBS

and presumably online, describes Nathan Lane, John Goodman and

other cast who's names I've not yet learned, but found intriguing,

describe a play that parallels so much of this experience described

on NoVAPeers.PBWorks.com...


Wikipedia describes the play http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waiting_for_Godot

and classically trained or otherwise people might have heard of it...

Having not seen it, or not recalling, it's new production is far away

and inaccessible to me, cost and meaning wise,

but having just seen the descriptions and backstory of the actors,

production and some reactions (It's Theatre, f*** em if they walk out)

and living the life similar.  As disabled people, like retirement it seems,

we are warehoused, if lucky and not homeless and further neglected/abused, and

waiting for something, having little meaning and connection.  Someone

tells us what to do, John Goodman mentioned the nurse as if an archetype,

which seems fitting (and Beckett's mother was a nurse),

as consumer slaves to the provider and other communities,

a negative interpretation indeed, but I won't waste your time with enumerating

the facts, as this is not regular journalism, fair and balanced, but my therapy,

since involved in the advocacy racket, am not afforded the same luxuries

as normal people, access to adequate heatlh care, freedom of choice,

lack of conflicts with the PTB, or so it appears...


Shall I do your homework for you?

Shall I take the bad times and be excused from the good?

Shall I be the target of your hatred, nastiness, but be told if I respond,

it's inappropriate?

Shall I be threatened with whatever?

All for doing what I originally proposed?

Unfunded and unsupported, as I'm expected to do for others?


And wait for godot for my support and help?

Or get suicidal like the characters in the play?

Interpretations abound, in such a minimal environment,

and meanial existence...


So pose the conflict...  Can't be an executive and write about

what happens, as listed in the membership agreement?

And not have the basic human rights afforded others for some

twisted legal reason? Well, then, change the law...


If slavery, consumer or otherwise is accepted, then

it does not change.  Must not be paid for something that

requires great effort, and little preparation is afforded?

The losses have been great.  Deaths of friends and acquaintances

total about 50 people if you count the Virginia Tech shootings...


Going on 5 years of my involvement in the consumer advocacy,

the state network grant, developing drop in centers, and

actually help run one shortly after opening [though too far

to commute 2 hours each way - think commuting to Richmond

for someone with a car), but then like the prototypical male in a

marriage/divorce, excused as the house is hers. 

Sexist indeed.   As if the males responsibility

is to get the female the house.  Then have no say.

Do your duty, get me stuff.  And shut up, we don't want



But We doesn't include you.

We is us, not you.

Forget community process, forget collaborative,

forget cooperative, this is about money, and you

can't be involved, it's all ours, not yours,

despite all the work involved in getting it,

advising on administering it, pains of not having it,

blamed for the results when withheld,

and basically the 'fall into line' type approach

typical of forensics providers that have plagued

this effort...  All consumers must be bad,

so treat them that way.







Summary of experience or similar:

There really isn't one...


But interesting to see the following in the wikipedia entry on Samuel Beckett

following his departure from academia:


"Two years later, in the wake of his father's death, he began two years' treatment with Tavistock Clinic psychoanalyst, Dr. Wilfred Bion, who took him to hear Carl Jung's third Tavistock lecture, an event which Beckett would still recall many years later. The lecture focused on the subject of the "never properly born," and aspects of it would become evident in Beckett's later works including Watt and Waiting for Godot.[8]"


Also, the full text (and .ram files) of the play is available online, so again 'Google is your friend'...





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