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Part of sorting laundry with:


BedBugSym2016 ,



and likely other things, is buying some

Leaf and other Clear bags to put stuff in,

some clean, some dirty, and mostly gray after a while...




Not to be too commercial, but making good choices,

as some used to say, while in extremely low resources,

might be good to remember some stuff,

and putting it up here, so that I will/ do...


Why Clear?


I like to see what is inside it,

others might not want their unmentionables visible,

but not having any Victoria's Secret,

and other stuff like that (period markings?

one reason women like bleach?

but guys have skid marks too),

doesn't matter as much to me...


The color of the clothes helps sometimes,

I know I had an orange long sleeve t shirt,

and which bag, quickly, is it in?


Not much to hide. Security concerns as well,

"What's in the bag?"

"Can't you see, Laundry..."


No, it's not Trash, that would be bad,

it's expensive to replace all your clothes, afaict,

but buying laundry services, is about the same thing...

$1 / shirt?


Laundered, or dry cleaned?


Now say you have accumulated 100 t shirts,

from various events over decade(s)

How much would that weigh?

How long would it take to wash all that?


(Forgetting separate by colour, and not new,

so not bleeding colours on everything else,

like making white sheets, pink from a red new

t shirt that wasn't prewashed well enough...

Much less learning to Tie Dye...





Might eventually be a table, but too loose right now,

and needs more capable tabling,

like a spreadsheet....

See Tablets2015 MemoryComplex2016 and other attempts...



Size Gallons

Thickness Mil Gauge


How Much



Roughly In Order of Appearance

and would need to be parsed, cleaned up, munged, etc

to be computationally useful....




larger size

what I had before and thought I was getting above,

but didn't read, as misdirected,

mentioned earlier on Encasements

good for lining a carry around bag

in case of a downpour, something bikers

and others might know about

medium size 30? gallon?

not that thick, but clear, and doesn't smell

Imported, likely, keeps costs down, but other issues,

of BigBoxDepartmentTypeStore(s)



Durable Plastic

Laundry Bag


"Use it over and over again..."

Laundromat vending machines

UPC 8 18071 96606 0

NO. 1500 BOX

big, but not big enough for a sleeping bag,

just a little too small

started compressing the bag,

plus a storage bag on sale for space saving,

and started to squeeze out things,

later thought about keeping it intact,

and knowing if there was a leak

$1 vending per bag, made me look for cheaper,

plus saving quarters for laundry machines

surprisingly strong

Vending box the bag comes in makes a good container

for coins from a laundromat,

kind of like a drink cup at a gambling slot machine, afaict





10 gallon waste paper basket size

personal size, one wearing of clothes,

without jackets, shoes, etc

combine with others in a bigger bag?

Clear Trash Bags end flaps


Essential Everyday (tm)

Trash Flap Top Large

Dollar Store/ Drug Store

medium size 30 Gallon 20 bags

has red printing on it about

not leaving with children and other warning(s)

thin but works as a liner

0.85 mil 2 Ft 6 In x 2 Ft 9 In

UPC 0 41303 01834 7

$5.9x or so, with tax


Five Star

Drum Liner Bags

55 gallon Drums

Mom & Pop Hardware Store

bought quickly, asked for the two available sizes

fairly strong but SMELLS (Made In America!?)

made me wonder if leaf bags are used as

starter fuel to burn the bag contents?

other inventions in specialization of bags is

including baking powder, scents, end ties, flaps

and others stuff...

wondered if they sprayed the box the bags came in,

not sure it was new? as not sealed

2 mil 36" x 56"  (7 Bushel)

UPC 0c53188 23303 6

ReOrder #3723303

$13.49 w/o tax


Five Start Yard Bags

33 Gallon

Mom & Pop Hardware Store

see above, more reasonable size

mil specs on thickness and other labeling good,

some has barrels/bushels conversion done for you...

1.25 mil 33" x 40"

UPC 0 53188 23303 6

ReOrder #3723303

$11.39 w/o tax



Large Shredder Bags

15 Gallon 1.0 Mil 2 Ft 2 In x 2 Ft 6 In

Clear from Office Supply Stores

haven't tried, but many places only have trash bags,

don't do leaf bags, and this may be an option,

for availability purposes...

UPC 7 35854 94211 3

Item # 140-704

$? check receipt


flap top clear lawn & leaf

strong & dependable

Harris Teeter

12 bags

39 Gallon Size

2 Ft 8.5 IN x 3 Ft 5 IN

0.95 MIL

82.6 cm x 104.1 cm

24.1 u (funny symbol) m

UPC 0 72036 70351 4

flap top doesn't make much difference,

except in carrying around,

as have to close it well, for a vacuum like seal

Sale prices after fall leaves season over,

so might bet them pretty cheap

not many bags, so maybe stock up, when on sale

has not a toy labeling printed on it, iirc

$? check receipt, thinking $3 or less on sale,

but only 12 bags in a box




Summary of experience or similar


Looking at the labeling might help,

buying something ahead of time, 

and successive approximation,

might yield a good result, afaict...


NitPicking2016 details for sure,

but data driven choices are interesting too...


Brings up weighing of clothes,

and how much it can take?




So a 20 pound laundry bag seems to be

30 pounds damp, like between washer

and dryer... and DearBedBugs2013 experience...

Laundry Interruptus...  Say the washer goes out

of balance, and stops, moving things around

doesn't work, as locked, and aborts the cycle,

you discover wet laundry upon return, and

have to do it over, and/or

hand rinse/finish wash in a bathtub,

rewash the whole thing, etc...


Some large commercial washing machines

are 60 or 80 pound, so 4 (four) loads?

Costs ~$1/10lbs and runs in the order of 30-40 minutes

Dryers in the 25 cents/ quarter for 4 minutes or so

No automatic sensors on commercial stuff


How to carry that much laundry to do in one load?

Some have cars, others bus, others walk,

some take a grocery cart, but that might/will poke,

so how to get that much out and to the laundromat

at one time?

Plus you want it clean, not to make it dirtier,

and to have it clean after spending

that much time and money, in washing it all.


Someone suggested sorting it so, that you can

find stuff, into types?

Bags to bags?

Socks, underwear, etc?

Towels, sheets, blankets?


Addendum: Folded is likely clean bag,

not folding likely in a rush,

or still dirty...




A place for feedback on the page presented


What skills have you learned in surviving?


Does the DC bag law (& paying) help you think twice

before taking bags?

Does it make you use reusable bags,

to pay for a bags?

Use boxes and reusable instead?


What a green waste?

What about washing it all again?

Letting little creepy crawlies into other people's stuff?

How about the cost of that?


Does the laundromat clean out the filters?

With Wet/Dry vac the machines?

Wash the floors with chlorine bleach and other stuff

that stops the spread of stuff?

Does your vending service do that?

Is that how you got bugs in the first place?

Where do the bugs go when you wash them?

Dry them?

Just stay in the wet?

Land in the filters?

If they are removed from your clothes,

how to make sure that they are not still alive?


Do they tell you , "no bugs, go away?",

"we have them?"

And/or are they like modern day prostitutes,

likely to be infected, but says otherwise?


Would a Gucci bag suffice?

How to tell if it is good bag and / or a bad bag?

For what purpose?





Creative Commons Share and Share Alike,

Non Commercial, Non Derivative,

for the whole site's contents

unless otherwise explicitly stated


Page History


20170302 20070510EthicsDignityRiskJerry

  1. adding Harris Teeter's clear lawn & leaf
  2. updating laudromat bag from box,
  3. no specs (size, thickness, capacity, etc) on it
  4. reparagraphed for narrower screens
  5. added a few addendum, and comments
  6. consider adding reuseable shopping bags
  7. for front of CaBi basket,
  8. etc



20170112 JerrySpeak

  1. Add stuff on cost of EveryDay ones,
  2. seems high, but maybe it went up?
  3. tax, w/o tax, etc
  4. More? TBD


20170110 JerrySpaceIdea

  1. Adding more specifics, manufacturer,
  2. since HDX already named, Five Star, HighMark
  3. MetaData Manufacturer, Mil size, measurements
  4. (standardize on inches?) UPC, costs, for those handy



20170106 Jerry

  1. add Shredder bags
  2. space out a data item, run vertically together
  3. editing in vivo, might want the ability to print it out,
  4. work on formatting, etc,
  5. but you get to read this for free,
  6. so skipping some of the $work...


20161227 Jerry

  • Jerry created this page to save some purchasing
  • details, for possible future use...
  • total up costs
  • check availability
  • look for the throw the whole bag in
  • and it washes type stuff?
  • biodegradable?
  • how strong?
  • thought i would go into all sorts of funny
  • and other areas, but alas, just get something down...
  • refactor / mind map later?
  • Like "Calling people Bags, is not polite... _____" 


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