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Amazon (tm elsewhere)

moving in, taking over Pentagon City,

Crystal City and something else,

and getting a National Place or similar

naming change from local government,

plus other for sale municipalities

inducements to exploit,





Original Text


So if  corporate interests are not a part

of local politics, national is obvious,

who exactly is benefiting from

being bought out?




We have too many poor people,

bad businesses, low occupancy,

etc arguments, so sell out?


What of GentrificationKills

even in the business markets,

not necessarily residential,

but has residential ramifications,

as I don't think many guberment

people will be jumping ship from

beaurocrats (sp?)  to corporate

interests, trade in a 171 for a web

form that probably cannot be figured

out, likely noting where, when,

what you are running on

(special on Kindles Fires???)

and purchasing history, and other

intrusive information,

as we become more automate,

quickly devolving into dystopian

1984 and other worse things,

though that is a classic,

some pigs are more equal than

others in Animal Farm, where

1984 may have been inspired,

Alexa, who's bribeable?

what markets do they serve?

how do we hide transparency on


is corpGod therefore covered their

collective arses?

LegalZoom, or whereever also a bundled

monopoly, as we are buying that too,

LifeLock and Norton make good bedfellows

why not merge corp and Guberment?

a few signatures and we can drain

the DC swamp and make a tidal bore

over to the Virginia side,

Sign this:  Drones delivery,

DC won't allow it,

reroute around national security buildings,

pentagon, rush how for drones, stopping

charging, rebatterying stops, make slug

lines look easy, we need a human to sign

for this!!! Pronto/STAT!

Brown's got nothing on us


Even Carpenter's Shelter chimed in,

he's not donated anything to the poor,

maybe another poor hating corporate


Ever met him?

Unlike Gate$, of the Billy Bob Harvard

dropout version,

don't get me started on the other one(s),




Drain the swamp, CorpATown

the new process, having seen it in

Energy, say Oops, and we now own

you, Exxxon Valdez, and spill makes us

own Alaska shoreline,

Say Oops and Diamond mining Blood

Diamonds. ooops better not go there,

OOOPS and South Africa,

Aparthied, (sp?) and wasn't that a

oil crisis thing?

forgetting my history

some of which I lived thru, so far,

gas lines, really just need power lines,

natural gas lines PipeLines, KeyStone

and others, fracking and natural gasses.

inject into this poor earth, the poisons,

but don't realize you live downstream from

what you are doing, and wonder how

your bottled water is needed?

smelly water?

people mysteriously sick?

wonder why?

they don't matter,

think Army Corps of Engineers,

Johnstown Floods, and

Flood Proof My Arse...


So natural disasters are a risk,

we are on the flood plain of the Potomac,

and Amazon would move in even closer,

but maybe need a RoboCop like HQ

high rise in Detroit like fashion?

Our delivery like drones are also

Police Forces, we deliver, the goods,

and bullets too, well, tazers, maybe

like bees,sting and that drone is dead?


maybe build in CPR/ Defibrulators (sp?)

instead, tax time, pickup by drone,

zap the person delivering late,

have to have supporting documents,

cannot send electronically,

and local postal offices went out of business,

FedEx, aka Brown, and all the other

Delivery is only the last Mile problem,

we eliminated paper, those books

Amazon may have been known for,

we can deliver fresh copies of the

Constitution, Bill of Rights, to your

door, quickly, faster than your local

Dominos, so you never have to leave

your castle, fortress, gaming station

jet seat, or should i say man cave,

cat/bird/mouse/rat sanctuary,



insert soylent green, have all we need,

pods for Men in Black?

No Matrix, cube farms for guberment

replacement contractors, we know better,

we can do all that highly paid,

yet very

inefficient civil servants can do,

all replaced with a Futurama like

expert, for very little, really a bot

with a bad attitude, some gamer

somewhere, has a better way,

with licensed sports attire,

all from CorpWorld,

near You,

you got that implant right?

You have the Power?

You are Employed?

A CorpDrone?


Oh, yea, politician, we bought

you, just can't stay bought...




What of the people that are being

targeted now, for replacement?

Kill off the poor, replace with

Amazonians, and all is good,

everywhere, we solved the future

budget crisis, we got rid of the


(read concentration camps,

trains arriving soon,

labeled poor, Sideways dead dollar

bill symbol sprayed on and including

an RFID chip, so we can locate,

nah, too difficult ,must use the phones,

already have to be on that for everything,

and you are found, AmaCop, delivers,

AmAblance, nearby, AmaCourt

got papers, AmaDeliver served,

and AmaDead is Done,

AmaNeutralized is the last stop on that







but split with NYC


for a tech company to have

stuff on the east coast two place,

both near inter national hubs,

transit wise, but not shipping,

the proximity to Washington, DC,

GuberMentVille, lobbying, etc,

unless fulfillment (Why not FullFillMent?)

is the real goal of guberment,

paid promises for elections,

from Russia,

or anywhere else,

corp can vote,


Not just religions

one maybe 10+ year old JAG show

having a general officer

making comments about Islam

 in a church, post 9/11

while wearing a uniform,

and not think it is a statement from the

DOD, his employer, guberment,

even if fictionalized...



Modified Text


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