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Got The Facts On Milk?





Original Text


Contents for a DVD?/?


Modified Text


What's Missing?


What Can Be Found?


What Can Not Be Found?


How To Analyze?






Time Limits


Book Data






CopyRight 2007 and 2011


88 minutes





2020 69 232 846

















Summary of experience or similar


Not enough time left to see the 88 minutes,

so will see, punt?


Watched what the free player would allow

Totem dvd://


mplayer dvd://

both crapped out part way thru

after the American Indian and subsidized

support the ag industries

goes into schools,

prisons, etc


so no go, for now,

maybe another way?

Video Streaming apps

from the library for free?

Try on another player?

pop it in the library computer

and see if it plays?


And/or punt and keep doing milk

wondering if any allergy, autoimmune

lactose intolerance stuff is related?


Calcium source argument more from Vegetables

seemed to make sense...

Milk sources mean calcium is not available

argument, may take some checking,

and see if there is a transcript,

the closed captioning helps,

but getting the whole thing

and think on it, little references to quotes

are up, but pop up too quickly

so would have to stop screen each

and/or screenshot save, etc...


The Food Pyramid argument

by industry and has to support industry

seemed to make sense,

and medical experts, named,

and some individuals with problems

in front of the camera

listed their problems with milk,

but doesn't mean it is the same for me,

doesn't mean it doesn't, but will see...






A place for feedback on the page presented


After MilkMadeByNickHaddow2019

and a lifetime of things about milk

wonder how much fair and balanced

there is about it?


If the video is not free,

and easily available how does that promote

other science, doc, information?





Creative Commons Share and Share Alike,

Non Commercial, Non Derivative,

for the whole site's contents

unless otherwise explicitly stated


Page History


20191231 Jerry

  1. watched what i could of it before an encryption error
  2. on Totem,
  3. checking the link on the DVD Box
  4. and it goes to Vimeo which is a rent the video 
  5. for $4 when the free from the library 
  6. Doesn't work
  7. Guess Milk advertising for free works,
  8. no?


20191202 Jerry


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