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An ADULT eBook which I will SPOiL

so you have been warned...


Not GingerBREAD Man

which might be a cookie or a house,

not for Children, as ADULT Themes,

situations and Language,

Violence included, and lots of misery,

of a law student carousing Public Houses

going to Parties, Adultery, infidelity, abuse,

you know all the trash people want to read

about, like the tabloids, but set in

IreLand, England, some USA Norfolk,

Baltimore, etc, and as much sex

as he and his friends, could get...




Original Text


Chapters are just numbered

nothing as far as text,

creative, witty sayings

to go with, so no real point

in making say 1...35

or whatever perhaps months

incarcerated in Dublin as a student

he had there...

Maybe Pre



and HomeLife/

Lack of Home

Difficult to categorize,

but not impossible,

exercise left for reader(s)/

students, those old enough

for such material(s)...


On the GI Bill after The War,

World War 1, i presume,

(NOPE 2)

studying Law at Trinity,

while married, with a friend

O'Keefe, who has trouble getting

laid, and goes homosexual,

for lack of other activity, likely called

bicurious now,

it's like Lady Chatterly's Lover

deemed Obscene at the Time and

published under a Pornography like

imprint of a more notable publisher...


Not sure How it got to it,

was likely going for the White, Black

Brown, Yellow, etc race and ethnicity

gang related order and colours of people,

by rank, so hit on it then, surprisingly

could not find it in Guttenberg.org

out of copyright electronically,

but the public library had it in eBook,

so can't be that riske (sp?) right?


While i had and have many other things

to do, much more important, somewhat

escapism like Jimmy Buffett, and likely

even more drinking, sex and debauchery

(look it up...) we get back to the lack

of Bread, metaphorically and literally,

post war depression, and a student,

staying over there, likely American

living in foreign land(s), with a wife

and baby girl, advising O'Keefe,

they are both Harvard guys,

somehow in the War, supply/

office guys, but must have done Basic

Training, as some Bar (PubLick Houses)

Brawls are crafty and likely over blown,

at one point he's dressed up in a Kangaroo

costume, celebrating his father dying

and coming into some money,

but his wife, fed up with living in beyond

squalor (sp?), in a shack by the tram/

trains, while he watches the girls doing laundry,

likes ankles, and eventually caught

with his penis out on the train,

thinking he's not covered up for the Catholics

requiring gloves, and masks/ face coverings,

maybe a Fish on Friday thing, i'm not Catholic,

but the Irish and Protestant, divide is there,

the sports, and cultural, he tries surviving,

trying to concentrate on his studies,

in his little shack, watching the beefy laundry

girls, while fighting with his wife,

shit rains down on his wife

and one time he intentionally

jams up the pipes

to make her more dependent on him,

or something sick, but not as sick

as other stuff, i'm not sure how to classify

the guy, pervert would be popular with anyone

with any morals/ religion, but Sex Addict,

say like Former President Clinton,

on to healthy American Male, also likely,

his exploits may be legendary,

he's written up in the paper at least

once but concerned wit h getting caught,

as a lawyer has to have high morals

to practice less not make the bar,

have license, much less clients, etc...


He's fighting with the landlord,

seems to be a favorite target of law students,

they fuck with the tenants, tenants fuck

back, destroying furniture, mostly leaving

back rent unpaid, and abandoning,

multiple places, not just ones he doesn't like

but trying to survive by any means necessary

almost military tactics, some class warfare,

propaganda, and all sorts of other stuff,

mostly how to get into girls bras,

panties, purses, kitchens, inheritance,

etc...  A player, if Black, in today's terms,

given Irish tradition, the man does whatever

the fuck he wants, even doing contrition

on the paper, for the one written up

bar brawl escape, more later on that,

but not sure what, fighting colors,

school and rugby or something,

mostly poverty, having no bread,

and writing up what he does to eat,

what he has to eat and describing

mostly drinking the family money

away, taking from his wife's stash

of cash when pissed at her,

he crawls back a few times,

she doesn't know of his affair,

other time(s) he admits them,

he goes to Catholic services,

mostly what his frat like buddies

are doing, partying and pretending

to be high class but his activities,

and the social mores, are almost

Victorian, while today might be

considered HipHop but White/Red,

Ginger actually, parties, booze

the best of everything, bling

hocked with his 'broker'

even the landlords furniture,

toilet, mirror, fixtures, anything

valuable to make a meal,

get a drink on, pub crawling

and philandering, on to philanthropy

with his friend O'Keefe,

somehow the blessed unfortunate,

known since the War, i guess,

but kept in touch, with letters,

visits, and advising...



Modified Text


What's Missing?


Not sure if they missed much,

did just about everything,

maybe Kamasutra (sp?) is missing?

In there, but not literally,

just tried everything they read about...


A certain morals/ mores

busting a move,

and an allusion

to designing the perfect bra

something Marylin (sp?) Monroe

might need and many others

Dolly Parton (sp?), etc...

for size and sheerness,

and other attributes,

of dress and fashion changing,

post war, and French style,

culinary schemes, lifestyles

of the Rich and DeBased...



What Can Be Found?


R to X level Rating if it were graphic,

though today's standards, who

knows the internet has way worse

and have to read characters/ words,

letters, and some brain and imagination

to fill in the missing blanks,

not as graphic as today's graphic,

video, streams, live chats, etc...


What Can Not Be Found?


Contraceptives, seen as American

and where he would obtain them,


VD: Syphilis, Gonorrhea (sp?), etc

Blue Laws, applied and effective,

not sure Prohibition was earlier,

Tea Totaling and binge and regret


but a proper analysis of his drinking

into a classification/ DSM

might be educational, exercise

left for the CSAC reader,

clinical case notes examples...



How To Analyze?





Well, what a shock,

reality, and literature,

aka smut, What a Waste,

of a life and talent, no?



Not something Kids need to get

their sweaty hairy palms on...



Maybe counter intelligence on

the schemes boys/men use

on women, both religious and not,

things your mother never told you,

but too much running away, time

in bars, and might find out the hard

way, knocked up, seeking shelter,

abortion, contrition, retribution,

salvation, and a nunnery

much less medical and emotional

treatment, today some might

exist, then likely only religion,

and all the problems of that organization(s)...



Well wives may know,

if they are lucky have avoided

such problems, choosing a drunk

philandering lout,

gives red haired men a bad name,

acting like boys, not gentlemen,

but maybe like

a saint in the parlour (sp?),

hooker in the bedroom,

madam at the party,

nanny in the nursery,

Virgin Mary at outings,

and other roles / expectations,

choosing the bad boys,

might have it's down sides...



Generally probably don't want to know,

vacilating (sp?) to the general way

of things, why substance abuse is a problem,

on to sex workers, health insurance,

women's liberation, the sexual revolution,

HIV/AIDS EpiDemic, STDs,

HumanTrafficing, Mob,






It's all just literary fun, right?

No harm done?

Or does it play into the anything

goes, and not healthy person

would think of such things,

morality, and passion play all at once...


Shall we all burn in hell now

for even discussing such things?

Or don't we believe in such things?

What Saint is that?




Time Limits


Set in post world war time?

Bombed out buildings,

and industry in shambles

survival of the fittest

but also animalistic (sp?)

debased human behaviour(s)

not what we aspire

to beCome...


Book Data


ISBN 9780802198167


eBook from public library

so difficult to look up,

not sure i even see this info

on the eBook



CopyRight 1955?

"Street Date: 07/01/2010"


Publisher Grove Atlantic 2010


700-800 eBook pages in large font,




No Index






Grove Atlantic



DonLeavy J.P.

not Jr...

though could be both?











Pun intended,

but not a license/command

to do anything






Summary of experience or similar


Well, can't live that down...

Comparing out of the lifestyle,

i can read for literary reasons,

and find errors, typos, etc,

though like some gentleman's magazines

claim only reading for the articles,

not the pictures, this has Zero pictures,

besides cover art, just text,

perhaps Forum Letters are the closest,

modern equivalent, in parts,

with a story line included,

though sometimes hard to follow,

as also drunk and disorderly,

verbage without structure,

sometimes like these pages,

so comparing in, now,

and well, sober, clean,

not that happy,

so is MelanCHoly (sp?)

the ethnic equivalent,

and how different are the Welsh

than the Irish and British?

not really mentioned,

as the third part of the Trinity

of sorts of locale...


Sort of the Blues for White people,

not trash, like Trailer Trash,

but how one survives/ thrives,

and/or arrives, of sorts...




A place for feedback on the page presented


What do you think of certain ethnicities?



UpTight and Proper?

or is that just Catholic, Protestant,

Church going hippocrites (sp?)?

Do you think they are going to confess

some sins, juicy tidbits to be shared

with the church ladies, overheard by

mistake, blabbed at the bar/pub/

houses of ill repute?

Vows mean anything?


Fraternity (sp?) buddies,

veterans, and secrets societies,

whore houses and homes for the clinically

insane, BedLam centers but not really

reside in this, but how different is it,

the Slums to High Society?

How can you tell the difference besides

the cost of things/people/places/lifeStyles?


Any literary value aside from the smut?





Creative Commons Share and Share Alike,

Non Commercial, Non Derivative,

for the whole site's contents

unless otherwise explicitly stated


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