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Page history last edited by jerry 10 years, 2 months ago






Brief description of the BenX disability film

from the people making the film and/or showing it

(VSA, AFI, etc) to give people background

on what I'm writing about, and web links change,

so archiving it here.


Might suggest buying / getting a copy

of the film from NetFlix or something

when available and showing it in a group

for discussion...






Ben (Greg Timmermans) is different. Diagnosed with Asperger's
syndrome, he finds calm and happiness in his favorite online computer
game, while attempting to train himself for the real world he lives
in. He finds the harsh world of high school a torturous hell, and his
family is more afraid than understanding of his condition. As the
bullying escalates, Ben devises a terrifying plan to put an end to his
troubles, when Scarlite (Laura Verlinden), a girl he met in his online
game, shows up in his real life.

DIR/SCR Nic Balthazar; PROD Burny Bos, Peter Bouckaert, Erwin
Provoost, Michiel de Rooij. Belgium, 2006, color, 90 min. In Dutch
with open captioning in English. NOT RATED






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