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Google+ is Google's answer to FaceBook and maybe Twitter too.

They had tried Wave, and it kind of failed, near as I can tell.





It's in Field Testing, like a lot of Google's products,

and limited to invitation only.  You need a GMail account

and then that gets more features like Picasa, Docs,

Calendar and the other add on subsystems, if that

is the right word.


Docs was Writely rebranded to be Google's.

Picasa is well, Picasa, maybe something before that,

YouTube is Google's too now, actually for a long time now...


I've tried it for about a week, and seem to like it somewhat,

then hear that Brands, businesses and other accounts are

being closed.  Personal Accounts are being kept, so

I don't know if I'm going to lose what I've done already with it.


Sort of Pissing in the Stream, the Circles, I can't tell who all

is getting information.  So they give you some defaults,

Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and create your own...


Ideally, they would populate the circles with people on

mailing lists, Google Groups and Yahoo Groups,

much like existing systems already have that feature,

so reinventing the wheel, Google?


A smoother transition would help too.

Given existing groups, now called Circles,

maybe moving them around or having more

Circles Within Circles would help.

Friends,  I'm not really sure what that means,

I don't tell everyone everything, that would be public,

and not a Circle that seems to exist already...


So my friends are basically compartmentalized,

no one is God, so to speak, I can't talk with some

people about Mental Health Issues,

and Support Group people probably don't care much

about biking...  Then we get into Venn Diagrams

and Set Theory.


I need a Not Operator.  Not Interested in Google+.

I should not send Google invites to people who don't

want them.  Die hard Face Book People aren't going

to receive it well.  So my Biking stuff, most aren't going

to care about. Do I send to Acquaintances, because one

of the people I don't know well yet, might be interested?


Or the people I already know don't need to hear it again,

from me.  Like an Aspie, the thirtieth time is not going

to help, actually it's going to turn people off, and basically

UnCircle them from me.  Most good friends (BFF's?)

a subset of Friends, won't care, and just let it slide,

but others might be offended...





Summary of experience or similar


Needs more learning, a week is not long, It's not been out

very long, some had it in June, it's mid July now,

and will see what happens.  The Google Apps

domains and Gmail accounts with Services and Apps

are where I see it helping the most and they

are already organizations.  I'm in a gray area,

not Incorporated and not making money,

I do volunteer stuff, even with Street Sense,

Will Write For Food Writer's Group, it's defunct,

but I keep at some of it, not for the paper,

but for myself.  I created the name of the page

the Writer's Group was publishing under,

it's not doing it anymore, I'm keeping the name.


I wasn't the only one doing it, and most have moved

on, well past the time it is relevant....


But there it is, or was.  What circle, what Brand,

or Business is that?  Really just a hobby...

My Hobby, and Individual...





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