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Another digression into Race, this time

off of a Smithsonian Natural History Museum,

or should I call it unNatural History?

as race was presented as a construct,

socially defined, not in scientific fact,

eventually science doesn't hold up

to it, evidence from the way the fellowship

was being run, not the presentation,

but the "worship" essentially segregating

peoples like me with disabilities and not

the same interests, a comment about

Thomas Jefferson , who had 200 slaves

going off into the history and ideas behind

that silenced?






Went to a Fellowship service with the presentation on Race,

Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Museum end of the run

of traveling exhibit on race, as a social construct,

and the Latino presenter, to an almost always

all white audience, described his liking the people,

putting out Facebook friend invites, and not getting

accepted, and thinking about that and deciding

not to join the church...  But another similar church

where music and more diversity was the norm,

was worth paying money towards.  The beauty

of the music alone being not an accessory

but the main part, even without the talking/ sermon,

as better...


And the language, Aha moments,

words used to describe...


Personally, I find the worship directions offensive,

keep any thing to the end, essentially muzzling me

and people like me, depressed unhappy people who

go to get uplifted, as Everlast sings "Depends upon

where you start"...


And I started thinking of the terms used to describe

religion.  Good is Light and White, Bad is Dark,

color used to describe happiness and sadness,

good and bad, and the talk of the concept of race

created to control and laws, stacks of money on display

in exhibit, of relative wealth of different races, huge piles

on white, little piles on black, and brown,

accumulated over the ages from laws in effect

for centuries?  Thinking on a recent article in the

Express of the relative earnings of Tyler Perry

Jerry Bruchiemer (sp?) and Steven Speilberg, Perry wins,

as much more active, doing more films and TV series. 

Not sure if Oprah was in there or not,

relative assets and interest vs income or whathaveyou...


As an adaptive mechanism, the body regulates

the vitamin D production by skin coloring, pigmentation,

melatonin, or similar, going from Africa, where

we all humans started, they say, going up to Norway

or something, skin would adapt, over time,

or genetics, only a few genes are different

say 8 in the hundreds that make up a person,

and wondering about a lot of stuff...


One question was "when did you started thinking

about Race, early experiences?"


I said nothing, thinking "Poets down here don't

write nothing at all, they just let it all be",

old song lyrics, somewhat amused at the experience,

a church with written vision of being diverse,

one person commented, like trying to be thin,

a vision, not necessarily a reality,

and just about everyone laughed, or so it seemed,

and putting money towards that,

as a community, not representing the local

neighborhood, language being one barrier,

Latinos speaking Spanish, I see posted signs all

over for Free English classes, but not the

other way around, the other direction, Learning Spanish,

costs, so left completely out of the conversations,

and management is predominantly Latino

and recently threatened me with poison,

the condiments, she said, should be poison,

the staff feeding me when I was out of money

for the month, at an annual community picnic,

only attending really because I could not afford to eat,

and then threatened, she told staff should poison me,

woman said she was just a volunteer

so I reported it, and they claim it was a joke,

something not taken seriously, so I'm just [ further ] crazy

for not wanting to be threatened, nor poisoned...


Long time ago, now over a year, I looked

at a local Latino paper and found only one thing

in it contained English, a Public Notice by

Government about something, required by law,

I guess. to a public record, all else in Spanish

and locally even apartment complexes notices in Spanish

and English, except the handwritten one

about a car window being broken out,

while my Motorcycle was totaled in the parking lot,

wouldn't it be good to have that in English too?

Knowing it was a trend/ local problem violence

like what had previously happened to my

hopes and dreams?  Costing me mobility

freedom, and a life as FDR mentioned,

in his last two freedoms,

Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear

though Freedom in the Great Depression

is not the same as freedoms now,

later presidents, not in wheel chairs

singed Civil Rights Acts, while disabled

are still excluded even from talking in that

fellowship service, about what freedoms they don't

have in their own expressions of religion,

or the lack thereof...




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