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Dan Fisher MD is a MH advocate,

last I knew he worked for National Empowerment Center


with Judi Chamberlin , who was Education Director or similar

title, and had something to do with mentoring Virginia's VOCAL,

but has since passed way ( JudiChamberlinPassesAway )...





One of the controversial things I think is saying one is Recovered,

as in Recovered from Schizophrenia...


In Substance Abuse, one never recovers from addiction,

they may always still want a drink/ drug/ whatever,

so one does things One Day At A Time,

instead of thinking too far ahead which tends

to lead to Relapse...


If one's hallucinations or voices, or whatever

the schizophrenia symptoms are, have not occurred,

say managed by medications, then maybe,

but it's probably semantics, I just don't like

the I'm Cured type of hype typical of all sorts

of diseases and sales to other people who have

them and look for hope...


But YMMV, (Your Mileage May Vary)




Summary of experience or similar


Dan has been in the NoVA area many times,

from speaking at MIAW Mental Illness Awareness Week in Fairfax County,

to stopping in at DC's Homeless Events

and probably SAMHSA funded stuff in Rockville, MD, etc..





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