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Corollary to SomeOfHowThePoorIsKilledByTheSystems2012

ThePracticalitiesOfFoodDistribution2012  and even back to

a year ago's HippieClownCamp2011  and


plus Elections and some other circus coming to town

stuff going on...





So starting with Latino community's likely Catholic

Operating System, of the culture, which I don't

claim to understand, but have some growing

exposure and awareness to...



Catholic workers, basically missionaries, at times,

similar Romney's Mormon/ LDS (see MormonTemple20101230

for the contrasting holiday lights and beauty of Disney on the Beltway,

as some might call it) have some internal religious

drive or code or seem to think things should be a certain

way, even if other people don't have that belief system,

which is generally good for tackling difficult problems,

such as poverty, sickness, death and grieving,

Mother Theresa like popularity, probably not her

self promotion, maybe the church's organized religions

sainthood system, and idolatry?

it seems as if it's, at least locally about the provider(s)

instead of those they have served or are to be serving,

self serving and egotistical to have others as their

servants, unpaid conscripts in the case of


now going on 3 months, of taking out recycling,

and trash, bringing personal computers for kids,

and filling my long waiting time, somehow taking

aorund 5 hours time, setup and waiting before staff shows

up maybe two hours, then the loading time,without a

dolly/ hand cart, and then hours more after for others

to go through and kids disburse...

Two of the three kid computers I have brought

have been have been damaged or destroyed

and the OLPC XO 1's are rare in the states

and difficult to find parts for,

either salvage by eBay, or local repair centers,

currently inactive, or new $40 + $5 shipping

for a keyboard after keys were ripped off,

possibly by the increasingly nasty provider,

when buying an XO 1 used was personally

obtained at $30 and the screen quickly went

to having contrast problems,

a $85 plus $5 shipping problem even is repairs

are figured out from online tutorials, videos and

just mucking around with seemingly inexpensive

but really expensive out of pocket and rare



Broken XOs aside, my keychain was broken

and a whistle thrown on the ground,

a nastiness probably intended to get me to leave,

or just meanness, likely against any general

human rights, which seem to be absent,

and likely sadistic people will try using what

I publish here as further ways to fuck with me,

figuratively instead of literally...


There is no grievance policy, the slums, and lords

have no masters, or peasants have no rights

in this abusive world we find ourselves in,

seems like a judge should sentence the

providers, administrators and self appointed

demigods to live with the mice/ rats,

bugs, gangs, noise, crowding, parking issues,

and other problems until it's cleaned up...


Unlike Peace Corps workers Americorps

workers live in the surrounding area, basically

suburbs or the inner city issues, but not in the same

community as those they are supposed to serve...


While I find it helpful to get away, I don't think

people know what it's like to have noise through

the night and then expected to be cheerful,

positive and upbeat in the midst of

oppression, abuse, and neglect

("there are bugs in the food",

me: who is doing something about that?

and later you're not eating that food too,

maybe if you were, it would be better? )


The least among us have something to say,

and I'm not sure people are really listening,

The Debates, only one of which I've seen

after the fact, the parodies on SNL Saturday

Night Live more interesting to me, than the source,

primary sources, seems to be claiming, until one

hears / reads that the Romney family has

bought into the already troublesome

voting machines used in several

states and it's not publicly auditable

or similar oversight...


And how can Obama claim his opponent's

deviciveness (sp?) when he's preening the first

victory and arguing and other lawyering and

traditionally African American cultural



I label the religion(s), cultures and point

to stuff to describe, but at the individual level

we are all similar, playing god as a writer,

self appointed critic to the social services

system we tried transforming the MH part,

but so much of the rest of the systems

are waged against any personal and

institutional success...  So much is set

up to fail, and we would all fail big,

with the collapse of the safety net,

financial systems, and general leadership

we are likely facing and some not even facing,

during this circus time, known as elections...


The new Poll Tax is seemingly are you

capable of voting in the way the registrants,

and pollsters, election officials want you to?


I know I have more homework to do,

research and soul (or whatever other word fits)

searching to do to come to a election decision,

my usually independent stance and  pseudo

journalistic objectivity needs some work,

but don't have much time and energy

given all the other abusive day to day,

seasonal and yearly crap to deal with...





Summary of experience or similar


Just under 1 month to Thanksgiving

and 2 months to Xmas, we wonder why

people are getting stress, clocks change,

season stresses, Halloween, Elections,

and other stuff, personal and otherwise,

is feeling like being toyed with and

experience tells me the poor are

abused by politics,  probably much

more than the general population,

as some try to play god with

the poor, sick and disabled,

such as myself...




A place for feedback on the page presented


Domination, political, personal, religious/spiritual,

is just another form of evil, but people

doing it seem to be blind to it...


What are you doing and not doing that keeps

humility, serenity and balance in these trying times?



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